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My vision of ecology

You are probably wondering what the relationship is between ecology and adventure? Yet it is these reflections that brought me here and that still guide me in my daily choices.


I try to get closer to a simpler way of life in connection with nature, far from superfluous needs and materialism. In a world where overconsumption is wreaking havoc. My objectives are centered on the constant learning of new disciplines, much more than an accumulation of status or various material goods.

And more concretely?


Due to my nomadic lifestyle, in the mountains, I only travel with my backpack. With all these trips, I learn every day to differentiate, the superfluous from the necessary..

I reduce my carbon footprint and energy use as much as possible. I travel most of the time by hitchhiking, sometimes by public transport, not by plane!

By living outside sometimes in extreme conditions (negative temperatures for up to several weeks) I understand the importance and the issues around energy, while always discovering new knowledge on optimizing and saving it.

I hope to inspire at least a few people by showing that it is possible to live differently

"Living your dreams rather than dreaming your life"

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