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"​Whatever the place, adventure is above all a state of mind"

My first adventures

After a year spent in town for my studies, I am gradually moving away from natural spaces and even sports. In the middle of my double degree I decided to remedy this by stopping my studies in favor of sport and adventure!

Not yet having the contacts or the equipment to go mountaineering, it was in town, in Nancy where I lived until 2020 that I discovered my passion for adventure. I multiply urban climbing outings for two years... with in parallel a fairly intensive training in the climbing gym...

Very technical climbing: cathedrals,buildings historical, buildings several hundred meters high.. but also many manipulations of ropes: Abseiling, Artificial Climbing and even Pendular Jumps..

After several one-week stays in the capital, I become the precursor of a new generation of urban climbing in Paris

Just like in mountaineering, the possibilities are many and varied, each ascent is different and requires adaptation.. Even if I like this discipline a lot, I will quickly change my frame to get closer natural spaces!

The mountain and photography

After several stays in the mountains, I finally decide to leave my accommodation in August 2020 to spend all my time in the mountains

For more than two years now, I have practiced the mountains for a very large part of the year: Mountaineering, Hiking of several thousand kilometres, Winter Trek...

Each season in the mountains allows me to learn and quickly acquire a global understanding of this environment si exciting and diverse!

It is in parallel that I have been learning adventure photography, for more than two years now... in order to share what I live and feel during my excursions...

I find it very interesting to practice in conditionsdifficult  when I have to manage many elements inherent to environments extremes  in addition to my photography settings


Adventurer, I am passionate aboutdiscoverynew environments and I enjoy acquiring new knowledge in manydifferent fields..

I also practicemany sports: mountaineering, hiking, climbing, caving, trail running, rollerblading...



Passionate about shootingin condition extreme, I like having an extra dimension to manage during my adventures

It is sometimes difficult to bring back certain clichés, you have toanticipate everything: timing, logistics, battery, extra weight..

That's what makes these shots so vivid, but given the difficulty of the exercise, there will always be something to worry about.improve



Almost always in the field, I go through very diverse conditions,whatever the seasonand the conditions, I adapt to continue my adventures..

I like to push the limits and I am constantly researching original projectsto always discover new skills. For this, I do not hesitate toget away from the codes pre-established disciplines that I practice




For me thehuman aspectof all these adventures is also very important...  I have to share and exchange with many people from different backgrounds and professions


I would also like to thank all the people who havesupported, helped  in my daily projects and adventures

I also wishto sharewhat I live andlearn everyday: Discover mytricksand the bottom ofmy thinking on different topicsrelated to adventure, photography and sport...


It is essential torespectand to preserve the environment in which I live my adventures but above allin which we all live


I seek to distance myself as much as possible from materialism andoverconsumption. I hope to inspire by showing that happiness is elsewhere and that it is possible tolive differently


My life and my adventures have acarbon footprint very weak, hitchhiking, sometimes by bus, no heating...

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